Installation (in'ste la'shen): an installing or being installed; a complete apparatus fixed in position for use.

I nstallation is the final step in creating an amazing space. I take the planning and work that has been put into your design and make it come to life in a final installation. I will coordinate with the workrooms and contractors to make sure every last item is in the right place. Teresa Reissig Interiors uses only the best workrooms, installers, and delivery companies, with ongoing relationships that were developed over the past 30 years. They are the "best of the best." The details will be personally inspected to ensure that the installation is a total success.

To complete the project, I will do a final walk-through, positioning accessories and hanging artwork before the Client sees the it for the first time. I will be there to make sure all vendors show up when promised and before I leave, everything will be in place. The only thing it will lack is your enjoyment!

However ambitious or modest a project might be, when it's completed Clients should feel that I have helped them spend their money wisely, made a complicated process easier, and provided them with choices they might not otherwise have had available. The house should also reflect the Client's personality, not the Designer's.

The consultation process:

  • Initial Meeting with the client by appointment - review portfolio, discuss expectations, Client contributes ideas about the look, feel, and environment they want to create.
  • It is extremely important that Designer and client exchange ideas and suggestions that will meet expectations.
  • Discuss how the Designer charges for services.
  • Review the scope of the project, project expectations, the desired timetable.
  • Establishing a budget,  and discuss  how I can help you optimize your budget.
  • Hired - building trust is the key to effective relationship with my clients.
  • Sign a Letter of Agreement between Designer and the Client which defines the scope of services to be provided.
  • Move forward with the project
At the end of the day, I want to feel that I worked on the project, but that it looks like my Clients.


  • Mr. & Mrs. Bill J.
    Teresa has designed and re-designed three homes for us over 15 years. We have found that Teresa is very talented, creative, highly professional and good at working with our current possessions. Best of all, she listens to our ideas and then improves on them.
    Mr. & Mrs. Bill J.
    Houston, Texas
  • Mrs.Judy T.
    Since Teresa remodeled my kitchen and dining room, my home has become the 'it place' to host all of my social events. I have been told by many of my friends that my kitchen and dining room speaks "Come in and stay awhile."
    Mrs.Judy T.
    Houston, Texas
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wayne J.
    We asked Teresa to rid us of "builder beige" and give the place some style and zest while using our existing furniture, accessories, and art ("old dogs" did not want to learn too many new tricks).  She did exactly that and we are delighted with the result.  Teresa guided us through paint, paper and fabric.  The house is even more interesting than we thought it could be.
    Mr. & Mrs. Wayne J.
    Houston, Texas
  • Dr. & Mrs. Eugene M.
    Since Teresa redesigned my bedroom I have found it to be the room where I go most to get away to relax or read a book. With a few new acquisitions Teresa was able to take my existing furniture and give my bedroom an exciting original appearance. I would recommend Teresa to any person looking to redesign their bedroom or any room in their home. 
    Dr. & Mrs. Eugene M.
    Houston, Texas
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bill J.
    I could not be happier than when I asked Teresa to design the interior of my home. She took my ideas, dreams and more importantly my personality and designed my dream home. I would recommend Teresa to any person looking to remodel or design their Houston home. 
    Mr. & Mrs. Bill J.
    Houston, Texas
  • Mrs. Mary E.
    I have worked with Teresa on many of my home remodeling projects, but our biggest undertaking was the remodeling of our master bathroom. Her ability to understand my style matched with stellar customer service and professionalism has led me to refer all of my friends to Teresa for their home remodeling projects.
    Mrs. Mary E.
    Houston, Texas

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