Design Services

Design (di zin'): defined as the arrangement of parts, details, form, color, etc. so as to produce a complete and artistic unit.

O nce I feel that my Client understands the scope of the project, the design phase begins. As your Designer I will help you create a complete a new look. I will measure and prepare room layouts for the rooms involved, creating floor plans and elevations to be used as a basis for furniture, lighting, and electrical work. It's very important to go to the Clients' home or office to see exactly how they live and work. In the Design process, I measure and document furnishings that my Clients want to work with in the project. The fear that most Clients have is that the Designer will discard all their items and start over. I try to use what Clients have whenever possible.

Once I know the scale of the chairs, tables, sofa, and so on, I can start to think about color, styles and patterns and how I can weave them into another. The most exciting part of the design process is deciding on the style of the room based on the Clients preferences, and their budget. I can incorporate styles which include but are not limited to art deco, traditional, contemporary, and antiques. After the style is established, I can decide on accessories, including custom bedding, rugs, towels, and hardware. Window treatments are also important to the overall look, which may include shutters, upscale window coverings, and draperies.

With the perfect wall coverings, including faux finishes, wallpapers, or paint, I can set the ambiance of the room. To complete the look, floor coverings which include carpet, bamboo, cork, natural stones, and tiles are added to the final weave. The Design process usually takes a few weeks, and when the research is complete, I will make a final presentation to my Client that includes different design choices in regard to finishes, fabrics, photos of potential furniture and fixtures, and a estimated cost of the project. After the client approves the design plan, I begin the process of overseeing your project! From the early stages, I can help to ensure maximum comfort and utility for your money. The solution to many design problems is often the choice of color and room arrangement, not buying new things.



  • Mrs. Erin C.
    After meeting Teresa for my first interior design project I was overwhelmed by her honesty and down to earth sensibility. She understood stood my vision and was able to give me the home I have always dreamed. I am now proud to call Teresa my personal Interior Designer and friend.  
    Mrs. Erin C.
    Houston, Texas
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mark J.
    Teresa's relationship with our family began in 1990.  Teresa has helped us with new construction, updating a 15 year old home, to recently, a complete historic restoration.  We are now working with Teresa on yet another project, which is a life long dream of ours, a ranch.  This project is one more example of Teresa's incredible range from working with architects to design a home or working with the ranch manager in designing gates.  There is nothing too small or too big for Teresa to handle.  Amazingly, we have never hired a contractor on any of these projects.  We just ask Teresa,"to take care of it,"  and as my husband would add, "for not a lot of money."  Teresa has worked with us for many years and we would recommend her to work on your project.
    Mr. & Mrs. Mark J.
    Ft. Worth, Texas
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bill J.
    I could not be happier than when I asked Teresa to design the interior of my home. She took my ideas, dreams and more importantly my personality and designed my dream home. I would recommend Teresa to any person looking to remodel or design their Houston home. 
    Mr. & Mrs. Bill J.
    Houston, Texas

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