Coordination (ko or'd' n a'shen): harmonious adjustment or action; to bring into proper order or relation.

I n addition to my access to and knowledge of the materials that go into furnishing a project, I have established connections to a team of builders, upholsterers, electricians, plumbers, tilers, and carpenters. This can have major advantages for the Client. These professionals have an interest in if they are to doing a good job in order to maintain their ongoing relationship with me as the Designer. If something is delivered that isn't right, my vendor, will fix it.

I regularly work with contractors and other vendors, I can coordinate their efforts, foresee potential problems, and manage the overall design process. The biggest mistake Clients make when embarking on an interior design project is underestimating the amount of time it takes to effectively manage the tasks and the contractors involved. Managing a project means managing people. I have expertise in managing all aspects of a design project.

After the Client approves the design plan, I begin the coordination process:

  • If construction is taking place, meetings with the architect and contractor begin
  • Making sure that the work of all contractors is coordinated so as not to conflict with each other
  • Purchasing furniture, ordering fabric, overseeing upholste and custom drapery workrooms, checking that finishes match those that were chosen
  • During this stage, I will be sure to meet once a week with my Client for a progress report and will address any questions or potential problems.
  • I will obtain formal approvals from the Client for each purchase.
  • I will check on orders to make sure they will arrive in a timely manner
  • Each item will be checked as it arrives , to make sure items are as ordered and in good condition.

For my Clients, it may seem like there is nothing going on between writing the check and waiting for items to arrive. But I will be working hard behind the scenes to make all work is proceeding toward the desired end result. Everything we do is so successful because we work with talented professionals. We will coordinate the required work, product delivery, and installations on a schedule that will work for you.



  • Mr. & Mrs. Ken J.
    When you wish to have someone to truly call about your decorative needs, Teresa Reissig is a 'gem.'  She is a color specialist, innovative and creative.  We can't do without her!  What a great friend to have these nineteen years.
    Mr. & Mrs. Ken J.
    Houston, Texas
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wayne J.
    We asked Teresa to rid us of "builder beige" and give the place some style and zest while using our existing furniture, accessories, and art ("old dogs" did not want to learn too many new tricks).  She did exactly that and we are delighted with the result.  Teresa guided us through paint, paper and fabric.  The house is even more interesting than we thought it could be.
    Mr. & Mrs. Wayne J.
    Houston, Texas
  •  Mr. & Mrs. Bill J.
    Teresa is very talented, creative, highly professional and good at working with our current possessions. Best of all, she listens to our ideas and then improves on them. She truly understands the value of customer service.
     Mr. & Mrs. Bill J.
    Houston, Texas
  • Dr. & Mrs. Eugene M.
    Teresa is a sophisticated professional who is able to work in every type of Design.  She can give formal settings a fresh and modern touch.  She is proficient in coordinating existing furnishings with new acquisitions to give an exciting original appearance.
    Dr. & Mrs. Eugene M.
    Houston, Texas

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